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We believe in a different office.

The environment we live and work in affect our health, performance and wellbeing. Grey Matters conviction is that science helps us reach our maximum potential. Our mission is to intertwine cutting edge neuroscience with design to provide environments that boost health, wellbeing, and performance.

Our three corner stones are:


We create environments based on the latest research and adapted to how the brain and body works.


We always aim for the highest quality in our design and only use carefully selected furniture and materials according to Grey Matters high standards. Quality as well as aesthetics is two equally important ingredients to create a balanced environment and necessary components when creating a healthy and attractive space. We do everything from the overall planning and construction, to the smallest detail. Results matters to us.


In everything we do we consider the three aspects of sustainability i.e. human, ecological and economical. We constantly strive to create better, sustainable environments that are more energy efficient, use conflict free materials and won’t harm people, animals or the earth. We always pay attention to the details of each of these areas in order to create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

When it comes to designing public environments and offices nothing should be left at chance.
We know what matters.

Grey Matters.

What we do.

We bring your project from A to Z in order to reassure quality. That is, we take responsibility for the following processes:

How we do it

Our concept is implemented according to the following 7 steps:

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