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Who we are.

We specialize in public and office environments, and work according to a unique concept where we join the client’s aesthetics and functional needs. Our work is based on the latest brain research but never at the expense of the aesthetics. We provide environmental design that enhances health, performance and well-being.


katarinaKatarina Gospic is an M.D., Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Physiology from the Karolinska Institute (KI). She has 10 years of experience in brain research from KI and her PhD thesis about neuroeconomics, decision making and emotional regulation.

Since two years, she runs the consulting firm Brainbow Labs where she spreads knowledge about the brain in business in order to boost health, well-being and performance. Katarina is also the author of the best-selling Choose Right! A Guide to Good Decisions and to her new book The Social Brain.



isabelleIsabelle Sjövall is a passionate interior designer educated at the venerable design university L’Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy and at the Stockholm School of Economics, in Stockholm, Sweden. She has 10 years of experience in interior design and has run her own interior design firm Stargo for several years. Thus, she has extensive knowledge in operating advanced architecture, design and remodeling projects. Isabelle specializes in creating private home environments and concept designs.

For the past year she is also managing a construction company in which she works with property optimization for exclusive clients. Isabelle has successfully optimized properties for a total amount over 10 billion Swedish kronor.